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The FusionFast railing technology is what gives SmartRail its linearity, exceptional strength and long lasting appearance. American Edge delivers these superior qualities utilizing an enhanced pultrusion manufacturing technology. (pictured above)

Pultrusion technology simultaneously draws interlocking fiberglass strands around advanced polymers and then locks them together with a solid, UV-inhibiting top layer of durable colored acrylic. The result is unsurpassed beauty and dimensional stability even under the harshest conditions. (pictured in cutaway above)
Stronger Than Steel or Aluminum
Fiberglass reinforcing produces material with exceptional strength and durability. No additional supports are needed for handrail spans. FusionFast material also provides the same installer ease and workability of vinyl rail material.
No Heat Build-Up or Warping
Typical vinyl railing exposed to the sun and heat of summer days is subject to heat build-up and the resulting failures of warping and sagging. The scientific properties of FusionFast material ensure that heat build-up does not occur. Spans remain straight and rigid year after year.
ENDUREX Advanced Fade Resistance
Colors and patented fade inhibitors are bonded to SmartRail as part of the pultrusion process. A solid layer of color is locked to the rail to give it weather resistance and to lock in color for lasting beauty year after year. Even darker shades - never before possible with traditional vinyl railing - are now available from American Edge.
Longer Spans
Stronger material allows for longer spans without sacrificing stability. SmartRail has been tested for spans up to 10 feet. Long spans can add up to cost savings for contractors.
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